Replacing a damaged Tile.

19 Aug 2018

In most cases, damaged tiles can be replaced. Hopefully you saved some extra tile from the original installation. If you have a popular tile, it may be possible to buy extra tiles a few years after installation, though there may be some slight batching variation.  Reptiles may also be able to source similar product.


Professional tile and grout repair companies, such as I Grout and Grout Pro, can replace tiles.  They can also match and refresh old grout.  If you do not have spare tiles, it might be possible to create a new pattern by combining some new tiles or mosaics with the old tiles. 


If you’re tackling the job yourself, be mindful of underfloor heating cables and waterproofing areas.  It is very important that you do not compromise the integrity of a waterproofing membrane.  With underfloor cables, you may be able to lift tiles provided the tiles are embedded in floor leveling compound.   


Start by removing the grout and silicone surrounding the tile to replaced.  You can use a utility knife or purchase a special grout removing tool. Once you've done that try to pry the tile up using a putty knife. If it doesn’t come off easily, you may need to chip away smaller pieces to remove it entirely. 


Use a grinder to smooth off the remaining adhesive so you have a flat and level surface to tile to. Once you have all the damaged tiles and adhesive removed you are ready to install the new tiles!